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Who to Invite
Who... Who is your... Relatives-in and out of state
Is on your holiday card list Mailman Parents
Do you write checks to Dentist Grand parent
Is on your wedding list Doctor Sisters/brothers
Owes you a favor Minister Cousins
Would you like to help Lawyer Aunts/Uncles
Do you work with Insurance agent Step Parent
Does your spouse work with Realtor Step Grand Parent
Have you done business with Gardener Step Brother/Sister
Attends your church/temple Rabbi Former in-laws
Writes you letters Night School Instructor Grand Children
Plays Games with you Banker Nieces/Nephews
Cleans your carpet Florist Daughters-in-Law
Is from your old job Baby sitter  
Is from school/college Baby sitter's parents  
Is from civic activities Pharmacist  
Is our favorite waiter/waitress Veterinarian  
Is from the health club Optometrist  
Travels a lot Dry cleaner  
Is from the lodge/clubs Photographer  
Is from the PTA Hair stylists  
Is a parent of sports w/my kids Handyman  
Would you like to do business with Friends  
Is in sales Neighbors  
Has a lot of credibility Travel agent  
Is successful Accountant  
Needs a job Exterminator  
Is from the old neighborhood Shoe Repairman  
Are parents of your children's friends    

Did you think of 25 names to invite?
Did you know? Only about 1/4 - 1/3 of the people you invite will actually show up,
Of those who RSVP yes, 5-8 will call the day of the party and bail!
Let's do Show Math:

50 invitations sent = 25 guests say yes, 20 show up $7000 in Purchases $700 in your pocket Wow!
40 invitations sent = 20 people say yes, 15 show up $5000 in Purchases $500 in your pocket Awesome
35 invitations sent = 17 people say yes, 12 show up $4200 in Purchases $420 in your pocket Terrific
30 invitations sent = 15 people say yes, 10 show up $3500 in Purchases $350 in your pocket GREAT
25 invitations sent = 12 people say yes, 7 show up $2450 in Purchases $245 in your pocket
20 invitations sent = 10 people say yes, 5 show up $1750 in Purchases $175 in your pocket
15 invitations sent = 7 people say yes, 4 show up $1400 in Purchases $140 in your pocket
10 invitations sent = 5 people say yes, 2 show up $700 in Purchases $100 in your pocket

Successful Show Recap:
*Verbally invite NOW, and then after I send out your invitations, follow up with a phone call! We also give you invitations to hand out!
*Did you know? Purchases average $350.00, with Gold prices at there highest ever; it takes very little to get to that number.
* If we purchase from any of your invitees outside your home, you still get the same commission!
Any questions? Give us a call at 561-637-4312