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How it Works
Step 1 Book your party
Register on line and we will call you back Or Call us directly at 561-637-4312. We will set a time and date that works best for you and discuss Any questions you may have.

Step 2
You will be assigned to your personal event coordinator. She will help to walk you through the entire event. Your coordinator will have postcard invitations created. Printed and mailed to you. Set up an on line invitation for you to send out to your friends and discuss the refreshments that you desire.

Our Certified Jewelry buyers will come to your party 15-30 minutes prior to the start and set up our buying station. (Usually a kitchen or dining room table is best) Our team will appraise each piece of jewelry your family and friends wish to sell and pay them CASH (in most cases). At the end of the evening, we total the cash paid out and you receive 15% of that dollar amount. The average party is $5000 so you receive $750 for just having the party but that's not all. when their event takes place.

Our Coverage Area!
Coverage area is from Key West to Orlando. For Large Parties our coverage is all of the United States.
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