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What do I do first?

We ask that you fill out the application and once you're Book Your Party application is received, we will call you to either set up an appointment to meet so we can discuss your needs or answer any questions you may have. You can also call us at 1-561-. Should you want to move forward, give us the best dates so that we can book it and have one of our buyers groups ready for your event.
In addition, we will email you various invitation cards which will be personalized with your name, address and the date of your party.
These invitations will either be sent by us or they can be sent by you. We will also supply the stamps needed for the postage.
You will also receive additional postcards should you want to hand them out to neighbors, family and friends.

How quickly can I have a Gold Buyer Party at My Home?

That is truly up to you however you should give enough time for all members to receive the invitations as well as planning the party. Usually we can have your party within 2 weeks however to maximize your efforts, we suggest 3 weeks. Give us a call and lock in your preferred date.

What will our costs be?

You will have zero out of pocket expenses.

Gold Buyers Party will donate up to $10 per person that sells us their gold to pay for the party.
Gold Buyers Party will provide the postcards, stamps and invitations for your guests
Gold Buyers Party will provide a security guard(s) for your protection.( in some cases)

How much will my family and friends be paid for the gold?

This of course depends on the current gold price for the day of the sale. Our prices are very competitive to other gold buyers in the industry. Of course much of our "profit" goes to the expense of putting on the event. Every Gold Buyers party we have had, each person is so happy with the amount of cash they have received.

How Much Money Can I Make?

The average person sells about $500 worth of their gold. It may sound like a lot but with gold prices at there highest levels in their history you will be surprised how little gold needs to be refined to get your guests $500

If 10 people average $500 the gross is $5,000 and you will receive a check from us for $500.

If you get 20 people you can receive a possible $1000 or more!.

In addition, you will have a free party for your guests!

It's not possible? It's probable! And it could be much more!

Why should I trust you?

Todd Rosenblatt, one of the founders of Gold Buyers Party has been in the jewelry industry, buying and selling gold for over 30 years. He went through a time when the jewelry industry was done on a handshake so he is old school and our business takes pride in our family traditions.
Robert Sloane, a co founder, has been raising funds for non profit organizations for the past 20 years. He also understands the value of treating people fairly. We will also pay you in cash on the spot so you will never have any concerns.

What if after evaluating a members gold, they decide not to sell?

There is never any obligation to sell gold to us. If for any reason your family and friends are not happy with the amount that we are offering, they can receive their gold back, on the spot or should your members decide to sell a portion that is also acceptable. We feel that everyone involved must be happy with the transactions made.

It sounds like a lot of work, is it?

Not at all. You will have a personal coordinator who will walk you through every step of the event. The only thing you need to so is invite people to sell their gold and then let us know how many people will be their. We handle everything else!

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